Helpers Needed to Organize Studio and Garage!!!

I’m sure you want to see all this clutter close up. To do so, click on photos and arrows!! Does anyone need a never-used reverse osmosis system?

Helpers Needed to Organize Studio and Garage!!!

Rummage, rummage, mutter, mutter,
being buried by my clutter.
Do you know some agile sorters
who can straighten out my quarters?
I need helpers on the ball
who can divide and sort it all.
And before I ossify,
I’ll sit here and just bossify!!!


I really do have an organization scheme for my art studio, but this couple of years of frenetic activity there during Covid and to get ready for my November show have made me pull things out of storage–and once things are put back into their accustomed space, I somehow need to find more space there . And, need to get the lamps rewired and out of there!

My garage looks organized, but I have teaching files in there from 1971-1981 (when I quit teaching) and my Dad’s ranch records and tax returns from the 1950’s through 1974, when he passed away. Also, every letter anyone has ever sent me and every note passed to me in high school, along with class notes from college classes. How can I throw them away? What if the minute I do, I need them? All  of those fruit crates need to be broken down into slats to wait for Covid to ease so I can use them in art projects with the kids.  Too much, too many. I know.


Prompt words today are clutter, recommend, agile, ossify and ball.

28 thoughts on “Helpers Needed to Organize Studio and Garage!!!

  1. M. Oniker

    1. You already have a helper. See photo with cat butt hanging out of cupboard.
    2. I feel your pain but… I have to say, you’re already pretty well organized for most creatives I know. Organize or create? Chances are the decision will be to create… if only you could find that brush you need…
    3. You WILL need that letter passed to you in history class junior year. I give this to you on good authority.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      That’s exactly what I think. There is one thing in particular that I’m hoping to find in my dad’s old papers. I told the story earlier about my dad hearing a local farmer being denied a loan by the bank and handing the guy a personal check for the full amount as he walked out the door. No papers signed, just handed it to him. A relative of the man he gave the money to told me about this at my 50th high school reunion. I think I may have that cancelled check and if so, it will make lugging that box around worth it. My dad had told none of us about this, but according to the man who told me the story, it saved the guy he gave it to.

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  2. Lou Carreras

    Keep the art supplies rid yourself of the old paper work, unless there are emotional attachments. this last June I tossed paperwork from my last government job – I literally danced the stuff to the dumpster.


      1. judyreeveswriter

        hahahahahaha. But I know the feeling of being overwhelmed by stuff. I’ve been trying to lighten up my bookshelves ever since this damn pandemic & subsequent stay-at-home began. (Oh, and I just bought two more books at the Friends of the Library yesterday.)


  3. slmret

    Judy — it looks a lot like my ‘office’ moved into your space! I need NOW to make space for a new LED floor lamp, and that will create a nice impetus for me! I think I’ll start with the old tax returns, keeping only the two front pages and discarding the backups!

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Why, indeed? Just nostalgia. Felt like I was throwing my dad away with them. I have my taxes going back to when I was 16, as well..Part of this is being a writer. The letters, especially, can be valuable. But, Mr. Bump, Scouts Honor that I’m gonna throw the taxes away.


  4. SueW

    Oh Dear! I see what you mean.
    You need a couple of those people from TV who come around and organise, and a DIY person to put up one of those school Art cupboards and wall hooks.

    One of my daughters gave me a talking to for hanging on to old cards, letters and paperwork that I never look at. She complained that if I didn’t sort it then one of them would need to take on the task after I die and that wouldn’t be fair. I decided that it was of no value or interest to anyone else so I shredded the lot, the past is long gone. I don’t regret it.


  5. Martha Kennedy

    I’m ruthlessly getting rid of stuff. I’m eliminating stuff from other people’s lives (parents etc.) then tackling stuff of my own. I realize it just weighs me down psychically. I even got a shredder!


  6. lssattitudeofgratitude

    I have been decluttering for a couple of years. Last summer I burned all my school stuff. I reread all the beautiful accolades and letters from admins and parents. It was scary but I felt so much lighter after it was all gone. You need to do whatever works for you.

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  7. Perry Reeve

    That would be so much fun, I love an excuse to get a move on!
    Just one or two more things to do then I would love to be with you!
    My last trip was for a friend in need, who broke her wrist in Waikiki!
    From Alaska to Brooklyn I flew, to cat sit for a niece, for a week or two, near the Zoo!

    Before that it was my aunt Elaine
    who needed me too! Her hip was a mending and her husband wouldn’t do!
    Coincidentally its true that I told you, that dear aunt reminded me of you!
    I’m a poet and didn’t know it!!!



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