Missed Americas

Missed Americas

Now that they are runway-bound,
those extravagantly gowned
are oft-driven to expound
with words not overly profound
about beliefs they’ve newly found
(overheard and swiftly downed)
just because they love the sound,
hoping in the final round,
their golden tongues will get them crowned.


For the dVerse Poets Quadrille Challenge: Crown.
Image from  BBC.

14 thoughts on “Missed Americas


    Yep, I’ve noticed that too, but other than looks their promoters seem to want to show that they are more than just beauty, (that within itself would be ok if it were not so false), and now they are talking about doing away with the bathing suit as well~!.. There may be a completely different set of rules in the future, dumb opinions, bad singing or poetry, displayed in granny suits, promoting a lot of nothing, showing the worst possible that some jerk can think up to degrade them~! What a terrible put down to the beauty and brains of our ladies~!

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