Make Mine Tanqueray

Make Mine Tanqueray

A gin and bubbly with a twist?
Sufficient reason to exist.
As integral to daily life

and in deferring pain and strife
as a good psychiatrist.
Better, in fact, I must insist,
than thrusting all one’s problems on
some overworked Freudian don.
On days when feeling near-demonic,
nothing soothes like gin and tonic!!!



Prompts today are twist, integral, bubbly defer and thrust.

7 thoughts on “Make Mine Tanqueray


    Several years back you recommended Tanqueray Gin to me and I forgot the name, only trying to remember it each time I went to replenish my supply of “Old Southern Comfort” bourbon, with which I often make an Old fashions late in the evening. Nothing is needed except O.S.C. And ice due to it being such a good blend of Bourbon with low alcohol content, and distilled in New Orleans with muddy Mississippi River Water~! So now without asking you again, I finally have that name and will look for on my next visit to my favorite cut rate liquor store, which better be soon because New Years is upon us and my supply is running low… (as luck would have it, I am supposed to receive a shipment my supply of wine on the 30th) I belong to a club where I get wines that I like from several lands shipped right to my front door.

    Hint, if something is on your mind (as WordPress is on mine right now) then one of those late Old Fashions is the answer to my getting some sleep.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Old Fashioned was one of the first mixed drinks I drank. I ordered it in Japan and drank it for a year or two before switching to vodka collins, CC and Seven and then to rum and Coke. I switched to gina and tonic when I stopped drinking Cokes and have never regretted it.

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