It Can’t Go On Without Us!!!!

It Can’t Go On Without Us!!!!

Moss will not grow on a stone if someone’s there to spin it.
The genipapo needs a hand to squeeze the ink within it.

No finish line is ever crossed in one proverbial minute
without those legs that join the race and set a goal to win it.

No job has ever botched itself unless a human blows it.
Knowledge is not knowledge until somebody knows it.

A car without a human foot can’t pick up any speed.
What good are pears or apples without a mouth to feed?

No tail’s pinned on a donkey without a hand to pin it.
What transgression could exist without a man to sin it?

Even guilt would not exist without human compunction.
In short, the Earth’s in need of us to fulfill every function.

The Gods must be mistaken when they censure us and cuss us.
In truth, we make the world go ’round. Where would it be without us?

Prompts today are moss, minute, genipapo, botch and speed.

Poem inspired by the film “Don’t Look Up.”  Too, too close in its depiction of our present day world.

10 thoughts on “It Can’t Go On Without Us!!!!

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I was so depressed after I saw it. I felt the way I feel when someone makes a really stupid maneuver in busy traffic. I want to scream, “Wake up! You Stupid …………..!!!!!” But end up just screaming it to myself. What will it take? You’d think hurricanes, widespread fires, violent mega-tornadoes, drought and floods would do it. Or a world-wide epidemic, but seems some know better than logic, Science or common sense. And it is their damn right to be stupid, don’t you know???



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