Picky Eater

Picky Eater

I can’t stand mushrooms, abhor liver.
To dine on brains just makes me shiver.

Drinking milk’s against my wishes.
Fish is simply for the fishes.

Raw tomatoes? I’d rather die.
And one more mouthful I won’t try?
I have no taste for humble pie!

For the dVerse Poets Quadrille Challenge: Shiver

34 thoughts on “Picky Eater

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I like tomato paste, sauce, ketchup and salsa. Just cannot take a slab of fresh tomato. Guess I loved them as a baby and I became allergic to them and would break out in a rash, so my parents never fed them to me. So, as I grew up I developed a dislike of them.


  1. SueW

    I like mushrooms: I fish; I like liver, but brains … yuk a no brainer there.
    Raw tomato I cannot eat, I became allergic in my teens, but I’m absolutely fine with cooked in all forms.


  2. Anonymous

    but you got me going too early in the morning~!


    Vegans are hard to understand,
    I eat my beefsteak like a man.

    Pasta, with big meatballs
    makes you fat, but never tall.

    Chinese food even chopsuey
    I give you the bird, and say hooey~!

    Etoiffee, Gumbo, or fricassee
    Creole food is my favorite way.

    But tripe, grillades or boudin red
    I wan’t eat the innards or the blood~!

    Don’t ever talk about liver and grits
    the thought of that gives me fits~!

    But I am not particular though
    pies, and cookies, another way to go.

    I once was offered steak tartar
    eating meat raw is a bit too far.

    The Brits seem to like food so bland
    it tastes like paste with a bit of sand.

    But if you insist my eating grass,
    as for me, you can kiss my Ass.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I don’t eat much meat anymore, either. I’m not quite sure what I enjoy eating anymore, and no, I don’t have Covid. Just had a test and I’m clean! I think food loses its savor. Perhaps our taste buds just wear out. Don’t do too well with humble pie, either…

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