Clown Face

Clown Face

The majority of children, in fact every kid in town
would drop everything they’re doing to get painted by a clown.
In his coat of many colors and his distinctive rubber nose,
his ruffled baggy pants and his other funny clothes,
he’s bound to probe your funny bone and catch you in a smile.
He’ll paint your face like his if you’ll stand quiet for awhile,
and then the whole best part of it is up and down the street,
every door you knock on will provide you with a treat!!!!

Prompts for today are coat, probe, majority, distinct and drop.

10 thoughts on “Clown Face

  1. SueW

    I think all kids love to have a painted face, but universally, they’re scared of being face to face with a real one. I think yours should be okay because he’s not a real clown.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I think the idea of children being afraid of clowns was put forth by the horror movies that used the evil clown as a a particularly frightening creature because of its seemingly contradictory character. Much like Chucky and the other creepy dolls. I was never afraid of clowns or dolls and never knew anyone who was until horror writers put this idea in our heads.

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      1. SueW

        I always thought the creators of clown horror movies got their ideas because of the well known existing child fears of clowns.

        The fear of clowns for most young kids comes from visits to the circus. Parents of younger children don’t allow them to watch horror.

        I forgot to say , I loved your poem, Judy 🙂


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