Wars and Dogs and Teddy Bears

Wars and Dogs and Teddy Bears

Cynophilists and andarctophiles are experts at collecting,
perhaps because they’ve flunked at other methods of connecting.
Wars are staged by countries that believe in hoarding arms.
Ironic that the means for hugs also maims and harms.

My recommendation is that those who make the rules
should be those sent to battle. Arm the presidents and fools
who start the wars—the despots and the senators and kings.
Then let them see what personal riches battle brings.

Let them take the chances fighting wars waged in their name,
so they are the ones slaughtered or made maimed or blind or lame.
The things that one collects should be what they are about
and what we put into the world be all that we take out.

Prompt words today are war, lame, arctophile, chance and recommendation.

Andarctophile, in cast you didn’t already know, is someone who loves or collects teddy bears. The term for those who love dogs is “Cynophilist”. And the love for a dog is called “Canophilia”.

20 thoughts on “Wars and Dogs and Teddy Bears

          1. Marsha

            I’m not sure, but the shop is her living and dining room. She and her sister both live there. We didn’t go beyond the dining room. but I did not see a place to sit down. So I’m guessing they live in the rest of the house.


  1. koolkosherkitchen

    In the olden times, kings did lead their armies into battles, so I don’t think that would solve the issue. A position of a Russian or Ukrainian leader is no less dangerous, than fighting on the front line. Remember the “Russian Flu” that struck 4 leaders one after another within two years? it’s people who are suffering, no matter what the leaders are doing there.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      And in olden times, they were schooled to lead in battle, as were their sons. Our rulers today mainly push pencils, get exemptions for their precious sons and let others do their fighting. With certain exceptions, who were not the ones who led us into war.

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  2. Sadje

    This is spot on Judy. If like kings of old, these people fought in the wars of their own contriving, they’d think a million times before starting one.



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