Miss Effie’s Tinder Bio

Miss Effie’s Tinder Bio

I am far too wholesome to do anything shady.
I am an upright, straight-laced and morally pure lady.
I’m a domestic goddess, occasionally girlish,
who does not appreciate behavior that is churlish.

A knight in shining armor is what I hold out for,
I do not want just any man. I’m holding out for more.
If he would come along real soon, I think it would be nifty,
for I’d prefer my nuptials to occur before I’m fifty.

Prompt words today are wholesome, shady, occasion, churl, domestic. Image  and retablo by jdb.

16 thoughts on “Miss Effie’s Tinder Bio

    1. lifelessons Post author

      There is a series of these..5 I think. All about the women’s spaces. One in the beauty parlor, one at the microphone, One shopping for keepsakes, one in the kitchen and this one.

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    2. lifelessons Post author

      All make use of dolls handmade by a woman in San Miguel. I saw them hanging on a rack in a hardware store..all one-of-a-kind. I sorta think she bases them on tourists she sees..ha. I loved them, though, and I think I bought all of them.

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