Culinary Apologies

Culinary Apologies

Though some would say that I’m a flake
when I’m called upon to bake,
and though I qualify just barely,
I feel I’m typecast most unfairly.

True, I rank with all the rookies
when it comes to baking cookies,
and my cupcakes don’t win prizes
at anything but worst surprises.

Nonetheless, my precedent
at providing less than I had meant
is never intentional.
It’s just that I am rather dull

when it comes to pleasuring
by sifting, baking, measuring.
I lack that culinary calm
so never cook without a qualm.

When I baked banana bread
and measured powdered sugar instead
of flour, yes, I must confess
it created an awful mess.

And when I burned the chicken stew
because I had so much to do,
I hope that you remember that
I trimmed the plants and fed the cat,

wrote a poem and made some art,
(scorched the toast and burned the tart)
took the puppy for a walk,
phoned a friend and had a talk.

So though my fridge is lacking stuff,
I find my life is full enough
All in all, what I’ve got cookin’
may not be where you are lookin’.

Prompts today are flake, calm, intentional, typecast and precedent. (If you want to read about the powdered sugar debacle, click on the link where it is mentioned in the poem.)

27 thoughts on “Culinary Apologies

      1. slmret

        Yes — because of the way the recipe was written, I totally missed the cheese! I was a teenager — we baked the ‘cheesecake,’ and it came out like a graham cracker omelet! We made a real cheesecake the next day that was delicious!


  1. Patti

    It may run in the family. Last weekend I slathered our BLT sandwiches wth horseradish sauce instead of mayonnaise (the containers are identical). Not recommended!


  2. ajeanneinthekitchen

    Very creative. Every year, Mel, from Caramel, and Gary from Learning to Cope as a Single Parent, and myself have “The Great Blogger’s Bake-Off” and last year, we included poetry and songs too. Please submit it for that. We usually have it is sometime in he summer. πŸ™‚


  3. Lala Ribera

    Hi Judy, Can relate to this poem in so many ways. In particular a recent incident cooking oatmeal which resulted in a 911 call that visited upon us the fire department and a stern lecture about smoke alarms, overhanging foliage, and suggestions concerning mental stamina or lack there of! Laurie



    1. lifelessons Post author

      I’ve burned three batches of oatmeal in the past two weeks, but I think your story calls for details. Was this in B.C. or B.C.? Just realized you live in two places with the same initials. Did you call 911 or did neighbors and how much of a fire was there?



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