Moon Doggies at Zero Gravity : Wordle 551

Moon Doggies at Zero Gravity

If you were going to the moon how would you train a pup
if every time he used the box, his efforts floated up?

Would you relish an eternity of pets leaving a trail
embellishing the ceiling every time they raised their tail?

Every time a planet went flashing swiftly by,
you’d miss the spectacle of it. I’ll tip you off just why.

You’d be a pet detective with your private eye
checking for doggie caca that might be floating by.

We’ve all heard of Moondoggies, but they’re a different kind.
To date all moon explorers have left their dogs behind.


Prompts this week for the Sunday Whirl Wordle 551 are: pet eternity boxflash detective check relish planets embellish moon tip. Image by John Baker on Unsplash.

4 thoughts on “Moon Doggies at Zero Gravity : Wordle 551


    O.M.G. I have enough problems down here on earth, not with the dog so much as with the cats. if there box needs emptying then Tami lets me know by bringing a dry turd in and laying it at my feet. However I am lucky having given them free passage onto the outside. I have another problem re looking out the window, a Cardinal has been flying into all the north facing windows, attacking his mirror image, from sunup to sunset and I have one cat stationed each at a window and built a ramp so Tami can watch from the window over my bed… Being deaf, I just remove my hearing aids but they really are bothered by this it sounds like a rocket attack. Good poem with a good question though.



    I have put Tami’s stuffed frog against the inside of one window over my bed with no results. But the windows are about 8 to 10 feet off the ground (bottom) as the hill slopes that direction. These windows are huge, about 5 X 7 feet and solid glass, not opening windows as they are for the baths and dressing room, long story about that. He is protecting a nest just over the bedroom window and looks like a very young bird. I put a stuffed owl in another round window way up high in the peak of the roof and that worked, but this bird is just determined. I will try to post photos of the situation and an explanation for the huge open windows in my two baths, dressing rooms and windows over my bedroom and the guest bath… I have a complex house that I designed and it really works great for people but not birds.



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