New Neighbor

New Neighbor

We exercise due diligence, but still we find we can’t
avoid the proclamations and the daily rant
that we’ve had to put up with, lately, ever since

our new caustic neighbor started peering o’er the fence,
raising his head above it by standing on a stump
to spread the raving tirade that he loves to dump

on anybody present who’s so unfortunate
as to visit our back yard and encounter this nut.

Every time I go outside, I must absorb  his spewing.
He seems to have some radar that tracks all that we’re doing,
so when I take the garbage out, he’s always out there, too,
spreading verbal garbage that he’s amassed anew.

I guess there’s only one way to get out of this groove.
It may seem excessive, but I think we’ll have to move.
We’ll find a brand new house that has a tall back wall
and rebuff any neighbors who should try to call.
We’ll be the sort of neighbors that no one seems to know,
but we’ll have blessed privacy when we go out to mow !

Prompt words today are stump, anybody, caustic, diligent and absorb. Image by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash.

10 thoughts on “New Neighbor

  1. Sam

    Oh I hope this one is not true, I know, way back, you did have such a neighbor. Thank God I have a lot of space and trees around my home, even if it is not as well managed as yours, being too large. I did have one neighbor who was a “pain in the ass”, but our houses are about 1/2 mile apart and I put padlocks on the gates between him and me, he got the message, unfortunately he has died, now I do not know who lives on his place, but think it may be his sister. They mind their own business and I do mine, both good and bad..


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Your place looks so beautiful, Sam, in the pictures you’ve shared. I don’t remember having a neighbor like this one… just one whose Doberman Pinchers jumped over the wall and threatened a man laying bricks on my land. That no longer happens, however. Now they are noisy sometimes, but even that seems to happen less than before.


  2. derrick

    You do so well with these prompts, Judy. We briefly had a neighbour who pestered us from over the fence for which he had to climb up. Fortunately he moved.



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