Reblog of M.Oniker’s “Democracy’s Death Rattle”

Below is just the heading and opening paragraph of a post by M. Oniker that gives voice to exactly how I and many of my friends have been feeling. She gives a link to an article she is responding to, but if you follow it, please come back to this page and click on the link below it to read the rest of her essay.

Due to trying not to stress out too much, I cannot read a lot of the news in depth any more. I am no longer a news junkie. I read enough to keep aware of what is going on. For the most part, that seems like: Same song, different verse. However, two news themes have been recurring frequently, getting my attention, and they are making me tense up. Those are the crazy book censorship agendas that are spreading with wild-fire speed, not only in schools but in public libraries, and the other is the news that so-and-so is a proclaimed election denier and is running in this or that state’s primary election for some public office, and that so-and-so has won the GOP nomination. This, of course, is in addition to the news from Ukraine, environmental disasters, abortion rights, gun violence, inflation, and Will Smith hitting Chris Rock at the Oscars.

Today The Washington Post smacked me in the face with the headline that “More than 100 GOP primary winners back Trump’s false fraud claims.” . . . .(more) To read the rest of M. Oniker’s post, please click on this link:

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