Another Class Reunion

Another Class Reunion

The housewife and her classmates have staged a small reunion
to munch and drink but mainly talk—an annual communion
wherein they build a campfire and the drunker that they get
the more that they tell stories they’re afraid that they’ll forget
if they don’t repeat them yearly, so they tell them to their spouses,
who, I must admit, wish they’d remained home in their houses.
Yet, most don’t blame their loved ones for their memories of the past,
although they know they’ll hear them for as long as memories last.
They are ambassadors of patience as they hear each tale again,
about the wild and zany things their spouse did way back when. 


I’ll be going back to my class reunion/ town reunion in less than two weeks, but alas, with no spouse in tow. Stretching the truth a bit above. They only occur every 5 years and actually not that much drinking goes on. Poetic license, you know. The photos are, however, from  my town and class reunions of the past.


Prompts today are: classmates, housewife, munch, ambassador, blame and campfire.

9 thoughts on “Another Class Reunion


    In all these years, I never attended a “class reunion” At first I was always a long way away, Then I had a life long removed from such things. Now if I did, I may be the only one left standing… I did keep up with the ones I valued and loved; but now they are all GONE~!


      1. SAM VOELKER

        And who would that be~? As to friends, I have so many tangible ones, physically near me, and so many other intangible ones in my correspondence; who, while I may not have ever met them personally, I do touch and am touched by them daily with their words and love.

        But at my age so many in my past are just no longer with me physically, however they are in spirit and fine memories. Even the thought of such a reunion only brings back sad memories of my growing up years.

        Furthermore, I may be conceited but I do hope you do not mean “little old me~!” (I am still just an old fart with too many memories, good and bad~!) But my new found friends including one or two “objet petit a” continue to multiply every day.

        One last word, I have been to parties among past co-workers and it always seemed that each one was trying the one-showmanship of their success.



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