Forgottenman said I have to write a birthday poem, so here it is:


I will not curb my inhibitions, and so I will not sail
off on new adventures out beyond the pale.
That powerful compunction to be off on an adventure,
ever after, I declare to have my sincere censure.

Apathy is my new creed. I simply do not care
to meet with any challenges or answer any dare.
I’ll gaze upon my garden and watch its petals fall
and when faced with challenges? Reject them one and all.

I’ve officially retired. I’m taking up TV.
I’ll sit here eating popcorn, a cat upon my knee.
I’ll make up for a lifetime of my lack of viewing
and rail against what all the youngsters of today are doing.

I’m done with being active and current and involved.
I’ve lost my former need for being current and evolved.
Forget that I exist and let me moulder in my den.
I’m both used up and giving up on all that I have been.

Three-quarters of a century’s enough for being me.
Now I will investigate what else there is to be.
I’ll expire before the date that I am due for expiration,
and simply coast along for the rest of my duration.

(Don’t worry. It is meant tongue-in-cheek.)

Prompt words today are sail, apathy, powerful, suppress and petals.

13 thoughts on “Expired!!!!

  1. Sam

    Until I got to that last statement, I was saying to myself: “Oh she is full of empty promises today~!”… or full of something else~!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Tiffany. Would you believe it has dragged on for a 6th day? Paciano called and asked if he could come over today and he brought me a beautiful new hibiscus bush in a pale yellow that he planted in a spot where my maguey plant had died out. I’ll post a photo. So sweet. He has been my gardener for 22 years.

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  2. Glenda

    ‘Tis another chill rainy day in Canada–yet again–thus, your pointed poem pointed straight at me, as well as you. But then, I do take, and make mucho en la vida, (much in this life) tongue-in-poetically/cheekily, too! Love your slant, as always–clever/ personal/identifiable. A birth day gift for sharing, just because you are so “present.”

    Liked by 1 person


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