Restorative Rhyme

Restorative Rhyme

When life gets too busy and I wish that I had wings
to get me free from obligations and off to greater things,
away from lists, committees and everything that’s pending,
everything that in the modern world seems to be trending,
I fly off in my thoughts instead and write a silly verse
in words I put together, absurd and even worse.
And yet in its reciting, somehow it’s rehabilitating,
wiping out those serious thoughts that were debilitating.

Prompt words are: wings, trend, great, debilitating and busy.

21 thoughts on “Restorative Rhyme

  1. TamrahJo

    Not ‘silly’ at all, to me, and well, I do to, just not as beautiful, succinct or full of clarity as you! Love the poetry I’m discovering in the RDP crowd, that I can read and connect with, instead of sighing and thinking….”Hmm….I don’t get it….best not leave a comment! I missed the point of it!” Alas, I’m gonna have to leave an almost word for word lauding of ‘this? is poetry that calls to my heart’ missive for another in the RDP crowd – sigh – After I wasted my energy on trying to ‘get to the feeling that no matter how many words I type? Never captures, fully, my heart, like poetry by others do! I ADMIRE your skill!

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