Broken Resolutions

Broken Resolutions

I admire your resolution as you once more launch a new one.
Eying the lovely ladies, saying you’re not going to woo one,
but I fear your resolution is due to soon elapse
as you inevitably launch into your annual relapse.

The Miss America pageant should commence with a dire warning
lest an evening’s entertainment turn obsessional by morning.
Men such as yourself who are merely Cupid’s dupe
might find themselves trapped helpless like a fly drowned in the soup.

As you dream of Miss Missouri or fixate on Illinois,
you might find yourself transforming into just a boy
and imagine it’s your privilege, perhaps, to have a date
with the prettiest maiden in the next adjoining state.

But, alas, it’s only dreaming—the result of your illusions
that you can live out your most impossible delusions.
All those lovely ladies that you most desire to woo you
are the ones most likely to reject and eschew you

Prompt words today are admire, warning, elapse, launch, soup, privilege .

3 thoughts on “Broken Resolutions

  1. sam

    Yes you pretty got the old SAM of yesteryear peggeg, and though the equipment is old, the memory board still has data stuck in it..So in the photo the tall blond in the red dress pushed the other two in front out of the way with her beauty power.
    I once took a Miss Texas runner up to a party and her fame kind of rubbed off on me. Several of the other male friends were asking me about her for months. Beautiful memories from an old fart.s

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