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Aquadynamics are things of my past.
My body just simply won’t navigate fast.

Good muscle tone is one thing that it lacks.
Things aren’t arranged in their former tight packs.

My movements aren’t vulpine or catlike or slinky.
I’ve no gentleman wrapped around my small pinky,

and to my consternation, I’ve no future plan
for ever again attracting a man.

You might find these words negative and somewhat ruthless,
for, after all, I’m not haggard and toothless

or engulfed in conditions from rickets to scurvy.
The truth of the matter is I’m just too curvy.

I could diet and exercise, trim to the bone,
nip, tuck, condition and tighten and tone.

Then keep it all up or it wouldn’t last.
All in all, I’m much happier stuck in my past.

Just as I am, my favorite old cat
does not mind that I’m cushy–just a tiny bit fat.

When she’s on my lap or curled up by my side,
she finds no problem in the fact that I’m wide.

Nor do her sisters or her only brother.
I’m always a cushion for one or another.

If I were out jogging, where would they be?
Somewhere less comfy than here on my knee.

So my zaftig shape is not a thing that’s
purely my fault. Blame it all on the cats!!!!!


Prompt words are aquadynamic, arrange, vulpineengulf, negative and consternation.

9 thoughts on “Vindi”cat”ion


    How do you find time to do these, oh witty one??????? O witty one with the sore back….

    This one it too cute for words!!!!!!



    1. lifelessons Post author

      I do them first thing in the morning and never in 9 years have I dreaded the job. I look forward to it every day. And… I got my book finished today and handed it over to my book genie to tweak it into shape for the publisher.. Such a relief. Two more to go.



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