A Tinder Rebuttal

A Tinder Rebuttal

Stranger conversations may have taken place,
presenting arbitrary details with vehemence and haste.
With insubstantial logic spouted too close to my face,
the slab of beef in front of me was sure to go to waste.
I rued the day I’d made the swipe on Tinder to the right.
I knew that if I answered it would end up in a fight,
but if I was too lenient in pointing out the flaws
in his conspiracy theories, it might be worse, because
one inch given, one foot taken with such crazy sorts of gents,
and so I shoved my plate away and jumped down from the fence,
packed my steak into my go-bag and decided not to linger,
shoving back my chair to leave, I proffered him my finger.
With folks like him, I’d realized, logic is absurd,
so I made my rebuttal without a single word!



Prompt words are stranger, insubstantial, arbitrary, lenient, slab and conversation.
Image by Alessandro Bellone on Unsplash.

6 thoughts on “A Tinder Rebuttal

  1. drkottaway

    I am picturing a restaurant with tables on a fence….no, no, it is a metaphoric fence! I can be ridiculously literal. Maybe the narrator is a cat….


  2. Sam

    Oh yes, been there, done that, and at times glad I did~! The rest is covered about in my poetry on “burning bridges”, which were sometimes hard to fix~! Cool day in Texas, in the 60’s/

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  3. Perry Reeve

    Love it! Just yesterday I scolded two men discussing politics on line in a “neighborhood” chat site . They had last names of people I knew so I said; “If you’re related to this wonderful person…she/he wouldn’t be impressed with your statements to each other… I knew I shouldn’t comment, but couldn’t resist! I chortled for the fun of it ,but when later warned I shouldn’t have exposed myself; did double checking the doors were locked before going to bed a bit uneasilyI thereafter.


  4. TamrahJo

    As those in my circle share some of their true-life dating experiences, I just listen in awe – mainly over the fact they keep trying, showing up, and getting over the disappointment to go try again – I can’t even imagine what it would look now – were I to re-enter such a world – but I’m glad I dont yearn after it or have need to explore the modern dating scene! 😀



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