Father/Daughter Discourse

Dear Daughter:

Your frenetic new admirer is not my cup of tea,
for even though I told him that he’d have to let you be,
he resorts to tactics like climbing that big tree
to gain visual access to our property.

You, too, must be incisive in telling him to cease
if you’d like his constant efforts to come to a surcease.
For though I am your father, he allots to me no power

but simply remains stubbornly in his leafy bower.

His persistent efforts prove that he is from that faction
that they label OCD, for he shows no reaction
to my constant pleas, so do you agree with me
that it’s necessary to just cut down the tree?

Dear Papa:

Alas, though my new suitor is not your cup of tea,
I find that his flavor is agreeable to me.
I am not your teenage daughter, for I’m almost thirty-three.
So please do not molest him, and do not cut down his tree.

It is a fact, dear parent, I’m of marriageable age.
So cease with your obsession and curb parental rage.
It’s time to cut the apron strings and set your daughter free,
for I prefer another perch to my father’s knee!


Prompt words are frenetic, incisive, faction, allot, and almost.

33 thoughts on “Father/Daughter Discourse

    1. lifelessons Post author

      How many boys did you have up trees? I once caught my father peeking out through the garage window when a date came to pick me up. He had hung around for much longer than usual after lunch to see who I went out with and I noticed the guy never asked me out again. He was much older than me and I believe my father had a talk with him. Just as well, as he was a wild one, but very very good looking!

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  1. Sam

    Oh more great memories……I rode my bicycle back and forth in front of her house at 14~! In the hopes that I would catch her in the front yard, and accidentally be able to stop and chat~! Funny how often she was accidentally in that yard. Oh teen age love, and it lasted throughout high school~!

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  2. ~just a thought

    Enjoyed the sentiment, and also enjoyed the logical depiction of dad’s concerns–haven’t really seen that before. Gives more heft to the counter of ‘other’ reasonable perspective

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