The Fruits of My Labors

The Fruits of My Labors

I drink smoothies for stamina. Somehow, they maker me brighter.
If I skip one for one day, I’m a more mundane writer.
I grow the fruit right in my yard: papaya plump and round,
and the freshest bananas—as delicious as they sound.

Together, they form food for thought and make me much less grouchy.
My skin acquires a healthy glow. My eyelids are less pouchy.
When I mix these fruits together with oat milk and some berries
and drink them down, all editors respond to my queries.

What we put into our mouths comes out in our thoughts.
Mixed up in our blender or boiled in our pots,
they form a magic elixir, a wild creative brew
that when you imbibe in it, will inspire you!

Today’s prompt words are stamina, drink, mundane, grouch, mix and writer.

17 thoughts on “The Fruits of My Labors

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      When I still lived in California, a man from Mexico who did some labor at my house told me if I drank a smoothie of Papaya with six almonds in it every morning that I’d never have heart disease. Don’t know if this is true but it tastes good!

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      1. TamrahJo

        I’m pretty good gardener IF; it’s perennial, I spent many months/years researching,preparing, I carefully purchase, install, lavish love on it first 2-4 weeks, then stand back and say, “Okay, babes, you seem to have settled in – you’re welcome here, but you are also,now part of the home pack of independence place.” This is why rescue dogs end up at my place NOT because I signed up for/put myself on list/go looking for – it’s also why children show up here now and again, but are not foster kids, or under my care – cuz me? Well – here’s da basic rules here – and if ya want to be here? Fine – we’ll make ya welcome, but everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, here, pulls their weight – ” Thus, most of my leaves, berries and roots? come from clearance table plants rated good for my area – or stuff that was already growing here long before those who built the house I live in (my house is now – um 115? 117? years old…) and well – they just do their thing – and if they ‘ve had a good year? I take some of their bounty for me – LOL

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