Illegals Need Not Apply

Illegals Need Not Apply

We’ve established a mandate to clean up our town—
evict all the illegals, tear their shacks down.
Any esculent foodstuff we find in their digs,
we’ll put in a trough and feed to the pigs,
but our lawyer has issued strong words of advisement
that we must buy a one-week advertisement

telling them where they can pick up their things
before they take off to spread out their wings
to head out for another gullible city
so naive, as we once were, that they will take pity
on these ignorant folks with no backing or dough
who claim that they all have no place to go.

If they’d displayed gumption and shown their compliance
by earning our favor and conquered reliance
(we suspect) on whiskey or illegal drugs,
become steadfast citizens, not (alleged) thugs,
things might have been different, the outcome more pleasant,
but as it is, affairs at the present

have favored their ouster. The townfolks’ conviction
is that they warrant immediate eviction.
We’re God-fearing folks here. We know one-and-all
that when God sees the smallest of sparrows to fall,
he doesn’t mean illegal immigrants or
any of the other indigent poor

who come from the south or the east or the west
trying to find out the place that is best.
What of the jobs that they took cleaning houses,
picking our fruit, ironing our blouses,
cooking our hamburgers, watching our kids,
tending our gardens and getting rid

of our garbage? I’m pretty sure we can find
others to fill them of our own kind.
What college graduate or spoiled kid
of indulgent parents would not want to bid
on a menial job at minimum wage?
I’m sure our “want” ads will be all the rage.

Prompt words today are esculent (fit to be eaten), advertisement, mandate, gumption, reliance and outcome.

10 thoughts on “Illegals Need Not Apply

  1. slmret

    An excellent poem about the plight of our neighbors to the south who try to better their lot. Sadly, the photo of a highway sign is perfect for the poem — it was a real freeway sign, seen at key places between San Diego and Orange County — key places near immigration check points — where several immigrants had been killed while trying to cross the freeways at night. They have strengthened the medial dividers now, so the signs have become redundant, and have been removed — they were good reminders while they lasted!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. slmret

        Interestingly, they seem to have been particularly effective, even without words! They were obviously meant for the drivers to see, but they also seemed to keep the pedestrians away from harm too!



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