Puppy Antics

Puppy Antics

With her instinct for mischief, my puppy is remarkable.
Every falling leaf to her is an occasion barkable.
Her sister and her brother and sometimes even me
are all her dupes as any looker-on can clearly see.

She steals her brother’s food and he just lets her be,
his look displaying an expression of futility.
She steals Yolanda’s dusting rags to stage a tug-of-war,
then drags her mop when she’s not looking, clear across the floor.

She must reconnoiter each bare ankle that walks by.
First she licks it wet , but if you wait, she’ll lick it dry.
Then she’ll tug your pants cuff or masticate your shoe,
investigating with her tongue each tasty part of you.

She’s ripped to shreds four pairs of pants, my duvet and my tote,
my tarahumara basket, a two-hundred peso note,
the corners of two cabinets and my poetic papers.
No exposed object’s sacrosanct from her destructive capers.

But when I lock her in her pen for moments of reflection,
she greets her isolation with such whines of pure dejection,
It’s lucky for my puppy that she is so gol-darn cute
that each threatened sentence I’ve chosen to commute.

Prompt words today are mischief, remarkable, futility, dupe, instinct and dry.

Bad puppy videos below. Unfortunately, Youtube will try to take you off in a different direction after each one so you’ll need to come back to this post to see each of the others.



More bad puppy videos:


18 thoughts on “Puppy Antics

    1. lifelessons Post author

      You think right, Sadje. In fact she is never in the pen. It is a large area with gates on either side but she doesn’t especially like being confined even to that degree and Coco dislikes it even more. She can jump over almost everything.

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  1. koolkosherkitchen

    And people think that kittens are a terror; none of mine have ever caused this much mischief! I had a dachshund, though, who used to pee on guests’ feet and into their shoes under the table, but he only did it to people he disliked. Otherwise, he was a perfect, well-behaved sweetheart.



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