I’m circumspect about temptation,
for though it may cause elation,
due to its duplicity,
it may lead to toxicity.

I believe the oft-heard rumor
that fate has a sense of humor.
Example: you are running late
and seek the airport taxi gate.

When you arrive and reconnoiter
you say you have no time to loiter,
so they let you jump the queue,
but then the taxi runs over you.

Perhaps that only goes to show
there’s some advantage to going slow,
but I believe man’s jubilation
comes from avoiding temptation!

Today’s prompts are temptation, circumspect, toxicity, loiter,
and taxi. Image by Jordan Andrews on Unsplash.

14 thoughts on ““Sin”chronicity

      1. msjadeli

        The dream world weaves fantastic scenarios that tell stories, but there is often an impish quality to them and if you try to sort them out in the waking world you will see a lot of fun puns and wordplay. I think our subconscious has a sense of humor that is likened to Murphy’s Law.


            1. lifelessons Post author

              I’ll be looking for it…and let you know if I notice anything. I had a really interesting dream last night where I was at some interactive seminar where we had to spend the weekend with someone we were paired with arbitrarily…we didn’t necessarily even know them. I ended up paired to a guy I’d known in high school sixty years ago! I can’t remember the details of our meeting, but it was only after I woke up that I remembered he was my date for prom when I was a sophomore. (He was a junior and freshman and sophomore girls could go to prom only if asked by an upper classman.

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            2. msjadeli

              put your nouns in circles and draw lines out like a sun then try to think of everything you associate with the noun at the ends of the lines. Once you have your “suns” complete, take a look in toto and see if anything jumps out. I can already see with your “spend” and “weekend” an end , and “wee” “kend” or small understanding. With “prom” you could have “prrrrrr” (purr) and “om” (peace sound)


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