Kiss and Tell


                   “How quick come the reasons for approving what we like.” – Jane Austen

Kiss and Tell

How did you make your way into my heart?
Quick, tell the answer before we next part.
Come into my comfort, then comfort me back.
The way of the pair beats the way of the pack.
Reasons are given for all that we do—
For the ways that we love and the ways that we woo.
Approving my actions in loving you is
What wins you my love and wins you this kiss.
We swear to each other that we will be true
Like all the lovers in storybooks do.

Like brides and their bridegrooms and lieges and kings,
We shall swear our obeisance and seal it with rings.
What others have done is what we will do.
Approving tradition will make one of two.
For the rest of our lives, if they revile and chide us,
Reason’s just one of the things that will guide us.
The love we keep strong will keep us together.
Come be my steed, and I’ll be thy tether.
Quick, take my hand and give me thy pledge.
How we’ll kiss in the meadow and roll in the sedge.

For dVerse Poets
This is actually a poem I wrote 8 years ago, inspired by a line of Jane Austen’s. Read the first word in each of my lines to see her line, first forward and then backwards.

and HERE is the prompt, if you’d like to kiss and tell yourself.

24 thoughts on “Kiss and Tell

  1. kim881

    I enjoyed your Jane Austen inspired poem, Judy: the direct address that makes it so engaging; the opening question; the lines:
    ‘Approving my actions in loving you is
    What wins you my love and wins you this kiss’;
    and that final image of lovers kissing in the meadow and rolling in the sedge!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Kim. It is very early in the morning here, so didn’t expect such an early response. Those differences in time zones can work to our advantage. In this case, mine, as I was late in reading yours…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. WildChild47

    This is masterfully crafted – really well done. And it’s clear you enjoyed the challenge you set yourself because there is such a fluidity to the poem – it’s a word acrostic and yet it also slots itself so well into a thematic Austen era for the images you’ve chosen and the words and phrases you’ve used. There’s a lovely enchantment and almost fairy tale feel here.


  3. Claire Davies

    This quote from Jane Austen sums up the way we often approve of things we like, rather than looking at the reasons behind them. It can be easy to fall into the trap of thinking that because we like something, it must be good. But in reality, there may be reasons behind our liking that we are not aware of. It is important to be critical of our own actions, and to consider the reasons behind them, in order to form lasting relationships.

    Liked by 1 person


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