Eyes of the Ocean

My wifi connection here at the beach is so slow that it has taken me ten minutes just to download/upload this photo, so others will have to wait. This is the eye of a needlefish seen on the beach yesterday.  It was three or four feet long…Okay, finally, 20 minutes later, I was able to load the “eyeless” portion of the post.

For Nature Photo Challenge: Eyes

9 thoughts on “Eyes of the Ocean

    1. lifelessons Post author

      As did my hands afterwards. There was another intriguing bone or beak that looked like it was from a collosal pelican but kids told me it was part of a huge fish. I’ll do a photo of it later when I’m at home with a signal..That was the smelly one!


      1. Sam

        That one on the lower right looks like a mahi-mahi, but was so atrophied it is difficult to tell. To see that you, who hates fish, got this so close, shows a real progress in your photographic efforts. BTW – when will you get home so we can have faster posts~?

        I am still under the weather, but because I am “sitting a lot”, too many thoughts go through my mind that need writing. I just wrote one about a pig, (politician)~!

        Poor little Tami must do her walks on her own, but she comes back in to tell me about what she saw and chased. I did make a quick run to the drugs with her, to get another bottle of “Pepso dismal”.


          1. Sam

            I bet you could get Prilosec (OTC) to last you until you can get home~! My problems are doing OK tonight.. I just finished watching a movie that was shot on Avery Island and it really gave me a homesick feeling for the good times of my young years of growing up. Such a beautiful place.. You would love it, flowers, birds, gators, and hanging Spanish moss everywhere, even without the Tabasco. And it is Crayfish season~! (but then,,,,(Oh never-mind~!) Maybe you could learn to like a bland crayfish etoeffee, it does not taste “fishy” at all.



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