Compositionally Befuddled

Compositionally Befuddled

I’m not the beneficiary of your gift for words.
My acumen for spinning tales is simply for the birds.
When I type, the words roll out but they’re not all right.
Then the need to sort them out ends up as my plight.

I need a thesaurus for the simplest of statements.
I ask for enlargements when I really seek abatements.
I chafe under the rub of words, waiting for a rebuke.
Although I want a kumquat, I wind up with a cuke.

I could use some help most days when choosing words to keep.
Sometimes I have nightmares rifling through words in my sleep.
So when I err, be kind my friends, for I fear it’s true
that I have scant facility for what I choose to do!!!


Prompt words today are keep, type, rebuke, chafe, beneficiary and thesaurus.

14 thoughts on “Compositionally Befuddled

  1. Sam

    A cat-O-nine tails
    works better than a stick.
    brings on louder wails,
    so do use it quick.

    Poor little friend of mine,
    you I can’t go very far
    having such a terrible time
    covered with feathers and tar.

    But there are some out here
    who jumps to attention
    seeing a post, or hear
    your name mentioned.

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          1. Sam

            Carriage Return – Line Feed, often used in programing either together or separate, that is what moves you to the next line, like you used to do on a typewriter with your right hand pulling the carriage back~! But that was a long time ago~! CR will just move you to the next line but LF will put a space between lines. If left out all lines will be continuous to the format of the programmer.


          1. Sam

            I figured that too, thanks. But on the bounce back it is all one long line with no stop or normal line feed. I was not finding fault just making a dumb statement as I sometimes do~! If anyone is to blame for this, it would be the strange happenings over at WordPress.

            Beautiful day in the Texas Hill country~!



            1. lifelessons Post author

              Mine sometimes does that when I check it out in Notifications. When I click on it, it snaps into line. Don’t know why it sometimes does it but usually doesn’t. Mysteries of life.


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