Saving Skins


Saving Skins

Inherent in the human race are needs to swathe the body
in skins of other creatures more furry or more gaudy—
leather pants to cover up their lower naked form,
with a furry  jacket to keep the top half warm.

The entrance to a muskrat’s den is always underwater,
which furnishes protection for his mate and son and daughter.
Adopting such safe measures is prevalent in those
whose shiny coats are popular in making human clothes.


Prompt words are muskrat, prevalent, shiny, inherent, adoption and style. Image by Joshua Cotten on Unsplash.

6 thoughts on “Saving Skins

  1. Sam

    Oh you are playing on my guilt complex. I do not wear a skin except the one that got on my first birthday. But I have been guilty of owning others that are worth a lot of money. This would be like owning an AK-47, you don’t want it but do not know how to get rid of it…..NO don’t own any guns beyond a 22 that would kill a snake if it was going to bite me.



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