Bossing Words Around

Bossing Words Around

Poems used be as easy as falling off a log,
but I get more rickety with every single blog.
Sure, there is a wellspring of thoughts within my head,
but there’s a bit of work involved before those thoughts get read.
Sometimes they disband and fall apart before they’re pieced,
and no one ever sees these poems that end up as deceased.
So though words are my idols, whether earthy or dramatic,
I must say dealing with them is sometimes most traumatic.
If only words would step in line in meaning and in rhyme,
perhaps I would achieve my goal every single time!

Today’s prompts are log, rickety, idol, wellspring, dramatic, and disbanded.

Maybe also for NaPoWriMo?

I had a very traumatic day, actually, and when I came to the end of it and finally had time to write this poem, I found that Forgottenman had totally set up all the prompt links for me, including for NaPoWriMo.  This for me is sweeter than chocolates or flowers!  And that is the reason why I’m even posting a poem today.  oxoxox to him.

12 thoughts on “Bossing Words Around

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Sometimes they are pretty superficial but they almost always scan and rhyme! I still make corrections on poems I wrote 9 years ago, though. I suddenly see that the rhythm could be construed differently and change it a bit.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Not in writing but I think this is the second time when he saw I hadn’t posted yet, discovered I was having a trying day and put the links up for me just to encourage me. It always works.. And he always points out my apostrophe errors and when I forget links, etc. He helped me set up the blog ten years ago and so has always had access to edit.

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      1. slmret

        That’s probably the hardest part when you are using several prompt words at once — and getting them lined up in the right order must be tough too!


        1. lifelessons Post author

          Not just takes some time and they don’t have to be lined up in any particular order. I’ve done it a few thousand times but it was so nice not to have to do it this time!!!



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