My muse is on sabbatical. I think she’s feeling surly
from  umpteen years of being awakened way too early
to find a rhyme for “rainbow ” that my readers judge sublime,
only to discover every single time
that I get all the credit for the work she does
each new day in succession. And why? Simply because
she happened to be sanctified and then assigned to me
to insure a steady flow of poetry
without making an agreement regarding who’d be credited
as author of the poems conceived, then written and edited.
So now I seek to rectify my decades-long misdeed
by saying that hereafter, I certify and cede
half the writing credits to my muse of inspiration,
hoping the result will be she’ll come home from vacation,
refreshed, newly-inspired and forgiving of my sin,
full of new ideas and ready to begin.


Prompts today are succession, surly, sabbatical, sanctify, arise and rainbowImage by j Jo Justino on Pixabay.


18 thoughts on “Demused

  1. Anonymous

    Ha, I love it, and well said, though I must say that a time check will show that I had posted my comment about Demused or even Bemused fiction before you posted this~!


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