Scorpion in the Sacristy

Scorpion in the Sacristy

Minuscule but powerful, it causes us to shake.
The most masculine among us have been known to quake
and to seek protection whenever one is seen,
for it is rumored that their punch is wicked mean.
They inspire colorful language from the subjects of their strikes,
because it’s understatement to simply scream out “Yikes!”
when stricken by a scorpion. The occasion calls for more,
and that is why the village priest was pardoned when he swore
as he removed the host veil and was stung upon the hand,
for though the Holy Father issued a reprimand
for the sin of taking the name of Christ in vain,
since the priest was still in shock and reeling in his pain,
not one of his parishioners, it’s said, has censored him,
for each and every one of them thanked God  it wasn’t them!

Prompt words today are colorful, minuscule, punch, quake, protection and seen.

17 thoughts on “Scorpion in the Sacristy

  1. Sam

    I like that one~! In fact I think that the first time, and maybe the only time that I ever heard Shirley yell out a “naughty word” was after such a sting~! I guess that shows that such words are hidden inside our brain, but it takes a scorpion to bring it out~! By the way advice from a West a
    Texas cohabit with the scorpion and vinegaroon, however ice placed directly on the sting stops the pain~! And ALWAYS TURN A ROCK OVER before you pick it up, that is where those little devils like to stay.


  2. Martha Kennedy

    Reminds me of a day or two after I threw out the Evil X — who was a scorpio. I had to go to the bathroom in the dark. The next morning I returned to the bathroom and saw I’d stepped on a scorpion in that earlier trip. I took it as a sign. 😀


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I once heard a crunch as I was walking in the dark in my Birkenstocks and felt something on my heel. A scorpion had crawled into the back of my shoe as my heel was up and when I put it down I cut him in two… the front end still in my shoe, the stinger on the ground.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I was once in Timor, I think. Either that or a really hellish millipede. Everyone thought I’d die..I was in agony for 8 hours and then so sick for two more weeks. I have no memory of part of it. Three people have been stung in my house but not me. Now I fumigate. Hate to do it but surely is nice not to have to worry every time I walk on the floor at night. Once one dropped out of the crotch of my swimsuit I had hung on the shower head to dry.. Thank God I shook it out before I put it on. First time I’d ever done so and don’t know why I did but I surely did every time since then.

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