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Feed the Birds?


Feed the Birds

I‘ve always preferred to see birds feeding off natural sources in my garden: flowers, trees, plants—(please click on first photo below to enlarge the photos and to read the rest of this tale🙂

In a nutshell: the little dog stands on his hind legs to examine the high stone slab sculpture for evidence of seeds. I’d put them out the morning before for the birds, thinking the three-foot-high stone sculpture placed 20 feet away, but directly in front of my computer table, would be perfect for observing birds. Wrong! Within ten minutes, every single seed was gone–completely eradicated by the vacuum cleaner tongues of Diego and Morrie. On to the next plan! I try again, after having fed the dogs. This is the result. (If you click on the first photo, you can see the photos in a larger form and read the entire story.)




The challenge was to take photos of the backs of things. Some of these are way too small in this collage.  Click on the first photo to enlarge them all and see captions.


Hospitable and Not: Travel Theme, Bark

The bark of this giant tree that had fallen across the road and been cut in two, then left with the chunk covering the road removed, became a host for other plants and fungi to thrive on.

Click on either photo to enlarge.

Just a few blocks away, we found this other bark—this one less welcoming to intruders.


For the Travel themebark!”

Tongues and Tails: Cees Black and White Challenge

I think it is fair to run these by one more time–this time in black and white. You can view much larger photos by clicking on the first photo.



Composed Shapes

Cee’s challenge for this week is Geometry in Photography.  Here are my thoughts on the matter:

Click on photos to enlarge and read the extensive commentary under each photo.  Oh c’mon–do it.  I took a lot of time and effort to dissect these photos as Cee requested. If you read my comments, you can point out what I missed in your own comment below! (If you can’t read the commentary under each photo, I’ve copied the commentaries below.)


Here is the commentary for photos if you can’t read it above:

  1. I pulled off the road in heavy traffic to get this shot. I loved the soft shape of the clouds sliced through by the telephone lines. The triangular shapes of the sign, the intersection of the lines and the wooden crossbars, the insulators and the top of the Norfolk Island pine are in contrast to the square shapes of the building in the background.
  2. I love this detail cropped from a larger view of my friend Carol’s studio. The round end of the paper towel roll ties in colorwise with the square/rectangular blank canvasses and the jumble of paintbrushes furnish triangular Vee shapes. The straight sides of the bottles contrast with the rumpled “O’ shapes of the inside-out rubber gloves. Order juxtapositioned with disorder makes for an artistic whole.
  1. These straw hats stored on-edge behind the grillwork of Carol’s house are one of my favorite images. The round shapes of the hats and curliques, the rectangular divisions on the grilll and the zigzag/triangular weave of the hats create busy detail in what is otherwise a simple scene.
  1. Round balloons, square box, plaid blouse, the triangle of the girl’s legs and sidewalk edge, long rectangles of the tree trunks, round wheels, zigzag of the stacked chairs. Shapes abound in this picture made more intriguing by the revealing details of the girl’s attire and stance.
  1. The triangles of their perky ears and pointed noses accented by the shadowed patterns and the trapezoid shape of the exercise machine in the background, the circular screws and platform on the machine echoed by the round studs on the collar of the dog, the commanding stance of the white dog with the black dog in a near bowing position––all intriguing details in this shot.
  1. Mexican Train offers an excellent opportunity to play with shapes. The round shape of the “station” is echoed by dots on the dominoes. The train tracks formed by the rectangular dominoes form semi-straight lines–all in all, a collage of rectangles and circles.
  1. I hesitated to include this shot of a Pemex station, but couldn’t resist the repeated patterns and shapes–squares, rectangles, T shapes––and the one round manhole cover. I also love the positions of the attendants next to the gas pumps at the rear of the photo. The clouds are the only soft thing in the photo.

To see Cee’s Geometric Photos, go HERE.

More Pacific Blues

Duke and Daisy accompanied us to Tenacatita.  After the rains and high winds we’ve been having, it was too choppy to snorkel, so we all roamed the beach.  I picked up three bags of coral and shells from the beach and totally sliced open one water shoe. But, how could I be blue?  I left that to the ocean.

(Click on first picture to enlarge photos, then on arrows to view all photos. After viewing, click on X at upper left to return to this page.)


Back Story: Cee’s Black and White Challenge

Back Story

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