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Palm Tree: Sunday Trees, Mar 11, 2018

IMG_8964 2

I love this silhouette of the fruiting bundle on a palm tree in front of my open-ended garage.  It is the sight that greets me each time I drive into the garage and I finally got a photo of it.

For the Sunday Trees prompt.

Palm Fruiting Stem 2: Flower of the Day, Feb 23, 2017


Here the fruit is a bit more developed than in the photos from yesterday.  I think they look like fishing bobbers or bowling pins.




Palm Fruiting Stem: Cee’s Flower of the Day, Feb 22, 2017

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The fruiting stems of each variety of palm are different, but they are all as beautiful as flowers to my eye.  They do flower, but are so messy–thousands of the blooms ending up in my pool filter and on my decks.  These are someone else’s problem, however, as I found them on the street in La Manz. I just get to enjoy them.
For Cee’s Flower Challenge