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The Tree Trimmers

The men of the Chapala Tree Service are amazing in their athletic ability, skill and precision. They were here for 7 1/2 hours today, during which time they trimmed, literally, a dump truck full of fruiting stems, dry branches and other basura from my six very tall palm trees and left not a bit of tree trash behind. They even cleaned off the surface of the pool. I have only admiration for them. Here are the before, during and after shots:

(Click on photos to enlarge.)

Here are the before and after shots:


Bougainvillea: Flower of the Day, Apr 17, 2017


IMG_3667jdbphoto 2017

Few besides this fellow climb as high as the bougainvilleas do.

This was how high up he eventually got, and other palms he climbed this day were twice as high!


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