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Cheeky: Weekly Photo Challenge

This wonderful woman is the epitome of the word “cheeky,” both in appearance and demeanor.


IMG_0011 (1)

Can you guess which of the above cheeky little girls is me?

The cheeky critter below broke out that slat of the bathroom window and eventually recruited her sisters and brother. The four of them pushed in the screen and hopped down into the bathtub.  That will show their mom she can’t lock them out of the house!



The person below is in witness protection, but she is letting me borrow her cheeks, at least.

Photo 30 2

Temporary Tot

This little lady, whose grandparents and folks are friends of mine, helped show me the house her folks just bought. She was very enamored both with the giant teddy bear the former owners had left in the garage and the plush carpet. Her folks wrote the teddy bear into the offer, so both will remain in the house! The last time I saw this little miss, she was a baby who was just leaning how to walk. Nowhere is the temporary nature of nature more evident than in infants of any sort—human or animal. My own kittens should be fully grown by the next time I see them.  I hope the same is not true for the cutie who is the subject of this photo shoot.

You’ll need to click on the first photo to enlarge all photos and read the captions.






The weekly photo prompt was temporary.

So, How Long Has it Been?


Not only long out of date, but long out of dates!!! Sad.


Widow’s Night Out

Her act that night when they first kissed
branded her an optimist.
She had rehearsed all afternoon
with an old rubber balloon,
then visited the pharmacy
just to see what she could see.

Believing that she lacked the nerve,
and feeling slightly like a perve,
she finally bought the dreaded thing–
shaped like a cap bound by a ring.
Yet sadly, seven years hereafter,
it’s simply grounds for rueful laughter,
for her wished-for evening’s ending
has been perpetually pending
until alas, it is too late.
Her dreams, it seems, are out-of-date!


The photo prompt was to photograph something with a name on it.