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Cultivate Your Own Garden (CBWC Photos and Quotes)


‘One Must Cultivate One’s Own Garden’…Voltaire

In 1759, Voltaire wrote his most famous novel, Candide, in just three days. It was a satire on the hopes that were pinned to science and technology, which instead of improving the world, he was sure would destroy it by giving more power to tyrants. Better, he said in his parting message, to till our own gardens and leave the rest of the world alone. What an appropriate message that has turned out to be.

I took Voltaire’s advice, and this is the new garden I created during the first year of Covid, transforming an overgrown lot next door full of twelve-foot high castor bean plants, garbage and castoff boulders and leftover construction supplies from surrounding houses into what is a garden in progress. This is the photo I took yesterday through a space in the fence that protects it from further dumping.

Below are “before” and “during” photos. Click to increase size of photos:

But, forgive me, Cee, I just have to show it in color as well!!!! More to come.

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Twilight Garden


I’m lying in the hammock listening to faroff cicadas on the mountain. The ones that usually surround me are silent for now. Oops….one just started up in the yard across the street so I’m sure they will soon be joined by ones in my lot below. I snapped this shot just five minutes ago and already it is nearly too dark to photograph, but interestingly enough, when I just snapped another photo, my camera on my iPhone seems to have picked up extra light as it is just as light as this photo. The wonders of technology. At any rate, I love this time of the day. I came down an hour or so ago to mend a tear in the hammock, heard my neighbor on his porch and asked if they wanted some carrot cake. They did, so I carried over almost 1/2 of the little cake I bought for Jose’s birthday. Then when he didn’t call or come by today, I decided to just have a piece and had already decided to take half of it to my neighbors so I wouldn’t be tempted. Yolanda and Pasiano could polish off the rest tomorrow. But, as fate is prone to do, the minute I got inside from meeting David in the street outside our mutual garages to transfer the birthday cake, the phone rang and it was Jose, who was down at the kiosk at the entrance to the Raquet Club where I live, having a birthday beer with his friend. So, I jumped in my car and took them down two pieces of birthday cake, lit candles  and let Jose make two wishes. His wish was that I’d accept his bid for touching up paint on my house and repairing a crack. My wish was that he’d reduce his estimate by half. He came down 1/3. We’ll see if either of us gets our wish. Happy Birthday, Jose. And to all a good night.


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Close Neighbors: Flower of the Day, Aug 28, 2018


Click on photo to enlarge.

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Plumeria: Sunday Trees, July 8, 2018

My plumeria (frangipani) tree has stayed lush for so much longer than usual this year.  I think it has actually bloomed twice, probably due to the early rains.  Thought it deserved a post of its own, but the dogs photobombed at the last minute.

Morrie Enjoys the Flowers: Flower of the Day, June 13, 2017

Morrie eats the grass but just enjoys the flowers— especially when I loft his ball into them by mistake.

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Cee’s Flower a Day Challenge

IMG_1289IMG_1205(1)IMG_1259 IMG_1198 (1)IMG_1204




I took these pictures in my garden yesterday, before the rain.

This strange object that looks like a meteorite or piece of carved Cinnabar is actually a dahlia. I just edited and edited until this was the end result.. It is rather beautiful, I think, so I'm including it. I think it looks like two hooded women standing back-to-back.

This strange object that looks like a meteorite or piece of carved Cinnabar is actually a dahlia. I just edited and edited , using different filters and tools until this was the result. It is rather beautiful, I think, so I’m including it. I think it looks like two hooded women standing back-to-back. If you look closely, you can see the stamens in the center toward the top.  They also look like the impression of a turtle.