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Just when you thought it was safe to get back in the water!


I just received this Facebook post from a friend in the states. If you have been vaccinated and think it is safe to let down your guard, think again. Here is her story:

Joe and I tested positive for Delta Covid-19 yesterday. We were vaccinated with Pfizer, Joe in Feb, and me in March. We had to INSIST that our doctor test us yesterday. He kept saying, “no, you’ve been vaccinated, this is just a virus.” This tells us there are more people out there with Covid who think they have something else. Also, Joe’s symptoms are not mild…he already has some pneumonia. I’m reporting this to stress how important it is to WEAR YOUR MASK. Please, please, please, wear your mask in public. We trusted the vaccine to protect us, we were wrong to do so! Already this morning we know it’s very possible Joe will need to be hospitalized. Kris and Jeffery have no symptoms. Anyone who has been around us in the last week, please get tested.



Associated Press Reports US life expectancy in 2020 saw biggest drop since WWII

“NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. life expectancy fell by a year and a half in 2020, the largest one-year decline since World War II, public health officials said Wednesday.” Covid accounts for 11 percent of the drop. Drug use, homicides, overcrowding and lack of healthcare accounts for much of the rest. See the facts HERE.


Recent Info on Russian Vaccine


A First-Person Description of the Covid Virus

Vin Prest on “Life is a Rusty Rollercoaster” wrote this vivid account of his battle with Covid. Since his is the only detailed report I’ve read that was told by someone who actually experienced the disease, I’m reblogging it here. I think, given the underrating of the experience by our President, that it is important that people hear about the first-hand experience of someone else:

Click on this link to read the rest of his account: https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/181911079/posts/65

Report by Alyssa Michele on Covid

This is a picture of my husband. He is an infectious disease physician in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has not had a single day off since June 28th (including working on my birthday) and is seeing up to 22 patients per day. He was presented with the opportunity to see COVID patients virtually in order to reduce his direct exposure risk since there are only a handful of ID physicians in the county. However, he said that he would never expect the nursing staff to take a risk that he wouldn’t do himself, and he didn’t want the nurses to feel that their lives were expendable. When the hospital told them that there was a PPE shortage, he purchased extra face coverings out of his own pocket for the entire team so they could feel more confident and protected in the room. He also said that when he sees COVID patients in-person, he is able to provide better clinical care for them, and it helps their morale to see his willingness to be present with them in the same room. My husband is truly baffled how COVID has been politicized and undermined by this administration, and how they are gambling with peoples’ lives to carelessly reopen without mandating masks. In his limited spare time, he writes postcards and does phone banking so that he can make a broader impact for the upcoming election.
**edited to add: I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the support and comments! He has no idea that I even posted this, as he is pretty private and doesn’t have a Facebook account. I am excited to relay this to him when he gets back from work today**
***edited again. Alex was surprised, humbled, and completely blown away by the lovely comments. He is reading through all of them now. I have posted this on my personal page for those who have asked to make it shareable. Thank you all for making his day with your statements of gratitude!***
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