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Thunbergia: Flower of the Day, Sept 19, 2017.

I was late to the awards luncheon because I had to stop and take these photos of the wild tangle of tiny orange thunbergia winding around the bird of paradise plant. Please, Pasiano, don’t trim them away.  I love the jungle look. These ladies help to create it.

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For Cee’s prompt: https://ceenphotography.com/2017/09/18/flower-of-the-day-september-19-2017-dahlia/

New Kid on the Block: Hibiscus, Flower of the Day, Aug 12, 2017

This is my last hibiscus purchased. It seems to like its spot in the planter formerly planted with cilantro. The cilantro didn’t thrive, so next occupant! This is another very large bloom:

IMG_0107 (1)

 For Cee’s Flower Prompt.

Orange Zinnia: Flower of the Day, Nov 2, 2016


The bees have been busy mining this flower.  They’ve left their dust in their wake.


Oranges: Color Your World Orange, 2016/03/05


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Morrie Gets a Pedicure, and Other Burnt Orange Delights.

Morrie Gets a Pedicure, and Other Burnt Orange Delights.

IMG_1279IMG_1284 Version 3IMG_9553Yes, I was surprised that Morrie took so well to being pampered with an on-site bath, blow-dry, grooming and pedicure.  (This enterprising young man has started a business where he comes to your house to groom and wash your dog. He seems to be popular as he was booked solid for a week.  Fortunately, he had an appointment with a dog a block away from me so although I’m 5 km. out of town, he just worked me in after his other appointment.) Morrie was a bit rank.  Hated to leave him with the house sitter in that condition. And yes, I was proud of the boy.  And yes, he immediately went down and rolled in the dirt and the grass.  A fella’s gotta have some pride, much as he seemed to enjoy the attention.