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Upon Losing a Friend or Lover

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Upon Losing a Friend or Lover

It does no good to have remorse for partners you are missing.
Better that you concentrate on ones you could be kissing.
Be not forlorn. Frustration is something you can fix.
Just engage with life again and get back in the mix.
Life was meant to be lived out, no matter what the cost,
though it might take many friends to replace one you’ve lost.



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My neighborhood gang.  I think we were all five or six years old.


Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 9.30.59 AM

I did the above poem making use of a screen shot, but I’m not very happy with the quality.  I need to leave to go to Guadalajara so can’t fuss with it more, but when I get home will go back to my old method of printing it out, making a jpg file and posting it as a photo from the media file.  Back to the drawing board!