Prompt? Really?

Prompt? Really?

I wake at six and for two hours and I check and check and check.
Now 8:03 and still no prompt. I wonder, what the heck?
Can they not post the prompt so I can get on with my day?
These lazy daily prompters must be laid out in the hay
when they should be here prompting for we still have things to do!
We can’t just sit here all day long to wait and wait for you.
Just slap some words down on your site and we’ll begin to write.
For we’ve been waiting morning hours and others through the night.
In the hours we’ve waited, we have stretched and paced and stomped
and realized the truth: Your prompt is anything but prompt!!!

Finally, at 11:13, today’s prompt was posted, but I had written my blog entry between the hours of six and eight and then watched for the actual prompt to post so I could establish the link.  Alas, 5 hours of waiting was enough and today I’ll post to a different drummer!  But—I was the first to post!!!!  Ta Dah!

The prompt today, when it finally came, was if you had three wishes to grant, who would you grant them to?  No necessity for thinking about this.  I would grant one each to three women who because of the culture they have grown up in have been sentenced to death for adultery or  because they have been raped or because they have stood up to a brutal husband.

16 thoughts on “Prompt? Really?

    1. loisajay

      so very pleased to read this. I kept going back to my reader thinking I somehow missed the weekly photo challenge. Insanity, yes…but that’s how much I missed it!


      1. grieflessons Post author

        I know. I kept going back and forth looking to see if they’d posted the prompt–like a kid waiting for Xmas sunrise! Couldn’t resist writing about it and actually I was “wishing” the whole time! J


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  2. blainecindy

    Ha! Loved your poem. I felt the same frustration today and then I thought, Hmm, maybe they’ve started to have NO prompts on Sunday and I didn’t get the memo! LOL! Nice wishes.


  3. Ann O'Neal Garcia

    You are so clever. You could write about writing about nothing. You could. And it would be amusing! (No, that’s not a prompt) (Your pen is fast, like a race horse chomping at its bit to get out of the gate…I am so impressed)


  4. grieflessons Post author

    Glenn Yarbrough once told me that I was such a good writer that it was a pity that I never really wrote about anything important!! That actually caused me to stop writing for a long time, but I was brought back to it by women who said the thing was that I wrote about things that weren’t necessarily important to men but were to women. Now I just don’t worry about it. I write what I want to write. No one is paying me to do it so I have no boss other than my own drive to just see will spin itself out from the ends of my fingers. I guess I am finally and truly retired!


  5. helen1950

    Reblogged this on Living, Libraries and [Dead] Languages and commented:
    I share these sentiments as i wait for the Photo Challenge Prompt. I am seldom lost for words and blog most days without a prompt. But today the words fail me so I reblog this and add another heart felt wish … for those women who have ‘lost’ children and can grieve until they find their bodies. Or those women who carry the child of the rapist … May their heart wishes or prayers be honoured now xxx


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