Pressed for Words


Pressed for Words

9:22 on a Thursday night,
keeping my MacBook screen in sight.
I agree, it’s superficial.
I should do something beneficial;
but instead, I sit and count
as my blog views slowly mount.

Today, so far, one hundred four.
(Yesterday’s count and then one more.)
With some hours left , I do not know
how much higher it might go.

Yesterday I took great care
to write an essay on my hair.
(About my hair, I should explain,
to write “on” hair would be a pain,
for in the shower or under rain,
my words would go right down the drain!)

Judy, stop!!! Get back on track!
(I’m turning into such a hack.)
Today I sluffed off all day long—
just posted Leon Redbone’s song.
Yet here I am at 10:03
with three more viewers viewing me.
Two more hours and then no more
to tally up this blog day’s score.
Already, though, its clear to me
what the lesson learned must be.

It’s clear this truth I must compute.
My viewers like me better mute!!!

10 thoughts on “Pressed for Words

      1. grieflessons Post author

        You know it just sort of drove me crazy that I hadn’t written today. Then Duckie gave me this prompt and it is harder for me to resist a prompt than to resist chocolate. Well, wait. I guess it is a toss-up, but there is no chocolate in the house, so . . .


  1. Shawn L. Bird

    lol this post was very entertaining.
    obsession sometimes needs restraining
    I like seeing the world lit up with international fans
    but wish someone would visit from Greenland!


    1. grieflessons Post author

      You have duplicated my thoughts, Shawn!!! I’ve said exactly the same thing to my friend Duckie who is an administrator on my blog. I may have to take a trip up there just to meet someone I can convince to read my blog so that part of the map will get lit up. And it looks so big, doesn’t it? Thanks for being such a faithful reader. I do appreciate it…Judy



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