At Great Length

The Prompt: Brevity Pulls—“I would have written a shorter letter, but I did not have the time.” — Blaise Pascal. Where do you fall on the brevity/verbosity spectrum?

At Great Length

In sonnets, free verse, story, song—
I fear that I go on too long.
I flunked at law school, to my mother’s grief.
I could not seem to write a brief!

Hmm.  9:29 and we are still unable to post on the WordPress Daily Prompt site.  So, I fear my post needs to be expanded.  So much for brevity:

Our contact delayed yesterday
seems delayed once again today,
for now that I have penned a rhyme
that doesn’t take much of your time,
it seems the hyperlink won’t work
so here in limbo we all lurk!

“Delayed Contact” was the theme
for yesterday, but still they seem
stuck in it. We’ve cussed and prayed,
but still our contact is delayed!
Wordpress, please come out to play.
It seems you’re stuck in yesterday!!

14 thoughts on “At Great Length

  1. Ann O'Neal Garcia

    I just love the law school (flunk) ditty! I imagine it is true, that you entered law school and didn’t make it, much to your mom’s sorrow. There’s much about you I don’t know, but you are revealing the many many facets of the fascinating journey you’ve led. I’m glad to have accompanied you for a breath or two on that journey.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Dorann. I read at a large poetry group yesterday and several people said my poem had too much detail–went on for too long. (It was the one about using my car as a purse, and of course the point was all the things in it, but oh, well.) So this was the perfect prompt for me today!


  2. Muzzy

    G’day Judy,
    I just dropped in to thank you for acknowledging my Autumn prose, and I’m so pleased I did, I love rhyming poetry and your ” At great length” is a ripper … fun in rhym is good fun 🙂


  3. lifelessons Post author it was with mine. This was written as they were changing over on WordPress and we couldn’t post or pingback for weeks. Very frustrating! Do you remember that time?



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