Daily Menu

Daily Menu

Lately it’s incredible
how many products edible
I’m buying daily at the store.
There’s constantly a need for more.
One type for kittens two months old,
getting more hungry and more bold.

In the morning, when I enter in,
they climb my robe or climb my skin
thinking that perhaps they may
consume kitten tuna souffle
a second before all their peers
consume it. All four little dears,
meows now turning into roar
as though only four hours before
they had not had a late night meal
of special kitten rice and veal.

Then the old cat limps out to see
the special treat that’s brought by me.
Mixed with fish oil, sardine pate—
a king’s ransom three times a day.
She deigns to feed upon this fare,
eschewing edibles less rare.
The small dog with a skin condition
consumes his own special edition
dog food for his special state
I portion out upon his plate.

Just one more left—the old dog claws
the window with his muddy paws,
demanding edibles from me
both by his barks and what I see.
I provide a different dog food for
this anxious dog who mars my door.
The menu, as you see, is varied.
As cook and waitress, I am harried.
But breakfast done, I take a rest
to do the thing that I like best. 
The minute they are finished chewing,
I present their menu for your viewing!

Seven animals with 4 different diet demands make feeding time a big job–especially with the cat and kittens who need to be fed numerous times a day.  I’m off now to apply for a bank loan so I can go to the store with a wheelbarrow for today’s provisions. When days are full, hyperbole helps.


The prompt word today was edible.

8 thoughts on “Daily Menu

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Luckily the little pouches of kitten and mature cat souffles (really–tuna, salmon, tuna and sardine, beef or chicken flavors) are on sale, 3 for 36 pesos–about $2. Easy and they gobble them down. The old cat, Annie, was so emaciated when she came home and wouldn’t eat. I was feeding her by spoons full with fish oil squeezed over them. When I opened the first packet she gobbled it down. So for now, it is the packets. Cat food is more expensive than canned tuna right now.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. slmret

    I love this poem — so true, yet so funny! Mealtime for many with such different needs does pose a problem! I have a friend who dog-sits — she often has the same type of situation!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Ha! I’ve often wondered who owes whom when it comes to my house. Always a bunch of us scurrying around like ants taking care of it. Guess the cats and dogs are an extension of the house!

      Liked by 1 person


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