Cats love of apricity is more than just a fluke.
It is a vital tendency and so we can’t rebuke
our cats for lying prone a lot in any ray of sun.
A cat’s in need of toasting as much as any bun.
If you can imagine a Kardashian without
the flash of any flashbulb, you will without a doubt
be able to imagine a cat without the rays
filtered through venetian blinds, or fully in the blaze
of a scorching summer sun. A cat can withstand all
the heat that we can give them, in summer, winter fall.
And if there is no sun at all, a cat can just make do
with the full attention of a surrogate like you!!!

(Enlarge all photos by clicking on any one.)

Prompt words for today are vital, rebuke, apricity and imagine.

16 thoughts on “Basking

      1. Christine Goodnough

        Ah! I didn’t think of Google. I’d about decided if it wasn’t in the dictionary someone must have made it up, but I see it’s ancient. Like my aprosopal romances.
        (Prosopol is a Greek word meaning respect, as in β€œto have respect for someone.” Hence, aprosopol means without respect.

        This is my word for modern romances where two people argue and spit nails at each other every time they meet and marry in the last chapter. I think it’s all about needing xxx amount of conflict and not knowing how else to work it in. πŸ˜‰



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