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Dahlia: Flower of the Day Aug 14, 2016



A surprise when I went down on a photo expedition in my garden this morning. I’ve never had this color of dahlia in my garden before. I guess it is another example of chaos theory!!


Little Purple Bush Flower: Flower of the Day, May 27, 2016

Still Unidentified!!!

Here are some more shots of the little purple flower that I played around with yesterday.  I don’t think I gave any idea of how tiny it is, so I’m trying again today.  As you can see, it is smaller than a thumbnail and difficult to see against all the color of flashier flowers and foliage surrounding it. My research didn’t yield the name of this flowering bush, although at one point I saw two pictures of it on my screen that matched exactly.  I was so excited before I determined that I was looking at my own photos!  Back to the drawing board. (If you want to read the captions you need to either hover over the photo or click on first photo to enlarge them all and show captions.)


Mystery Flower: Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge

                                                Mystery Flower

I took these pictures at my friend Harriet’s house.  She has no idea what it is.  Nor do I.  Al?  Anyone else?  I know someone gave me a link to a place that identifies flowers from a picture but I misplaced the URL. If you know what this is or have a guess, please comment!

IMG_4743 IMG_4744Version 2Version 3IMG_4740 (1)

For more audacious flowers, look here: http://ceenphotography.com/2015/09/28/flower-of-the-day-september-28-2015-american-beauty-checkers-dahlias/

Jade Plant: Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge, 8/13/15

Jade Plant

This was my friend Chuy’s plant and every time I look at it, I think of him.  He used to take my friend Betty and me out into the small villages to see precolumbian artifacts and ruins.  IMG_3680I love the buds as much as the flowers–the shading and the tight little promise of delicate white flowers to come.

IMG_3691IMG_3684They are like presents that open themselves.  Every day a new collection of perfect blooms.

IMG_3689IMG_3687 IMG_3685 IMG_3682Impossible to choose a favorite shot, so I’ll be as profuse as the plant and just include them all!


Heart of Zinnia with Fly and Spider Floss: Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge, August 8, 2015

IMG_3274IMG_3271I sprinkled seed from an earlier zinnia plant over this plot of dirt left after I dug up a big cactus to transplant. My plans were to put a fish pond here, but I can’t bear to dig up the zinnias which have been blooming almost constantly since.  You’ve seen them at other stages, but this is what they look like now.  They are loving the rainy season!

IMG_3275I love the detail of the shadow in this closeup.

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Succulent Bloom:Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge

IMG_2501I don’t know why out of the dozens of pictures I took of more exotic flowers that I decided to post this little succulent bloom.  It was tiny–Much magnified here.