Extended Family

Extended Family

My furry raider sloshed through rain
out to the barn and back again,
but next trip was a passenger
his human cuddled close to her
so both could view the transient
new mother so intently bent
over her bounty, newly born
this blustery, rainy, wind-swept morn.

One more thing born that rainy day
around three homeless ones that lay
snuggled down within the hay
protected from the weather’s fray—
a sense of family between
an old male cat, once feral, mean—
who had been taken in himself
and these three waifs, curled on a shelf
within that barn where I’d found him.
Now both of us discovered them
and that day welcomed them, all three
to our extended family.

Prompt words today are raiderslosh, transient, bounty, and passenger.

14 thoughts on “Extended Family

    1. lifelessons Post author

      It was great. I actually went for a 6 day writing intensive with four other writers. Got a lot of writing done plus great socializing and as you may guess, a bit of fine dining as well. I’m now at the beach visiting another friend.

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    So well done Judy, It brought back memories of a cold day in the Texas Panhandle when a pitiful cat came to my door in below zero weather. His tail and part of his ears were frozen and his tail later fell off. I took him in and looked after his problems. I named him Tommy, but later had to change it to Tamacita when HE presented me with three kittens. In my concern I had forgotten to look. PS I think that you may find interest in my post for today: https://mcouvillion.wordpress.com/2020/03/02/our-freedom/



    Well Judy, look what you did, your mention of a feral barn cat brought back memories of a long ago love and her cat, the cat did not like me and she loved horses a little more than me.



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