Knave of Coins


Knave of Coins

Bored with all his yesterdays, needing a new tomorrow,
grown used to fickle intimacies, much to all our sorrow
he stood upon a precipice where the whole world looked back
and declared himself the ruler of the whole damn pack.
That anybody listened is a sort of modern miracle.
He wasn’t very smart and he surely was not lyrical.
Though he understood but little, what he knew just seemed to work.
One can capture much attention by being a dumb jerk.
He pulled the haters to him—the fearful and the jaded.
All his moneyed cronies supported him, elated.
He’d pull apart the world we knew and put it back again,
but I fear that what few plans he had turned out to be in vain.
For when he’d knocked everything down, he knew not what to do
except to blame the mess he’d made on everyone he knew.
The whole world knows that he’s a knave, his mind and soul both dim.
The thing that is distressing is those who supported him.



Synonyms for knave on Merriam Webster Dictionary:

Word prompts today are overcome, fickle, intimacy, precipice and yesterday.

9 thoughts on “Knave of Coins

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Yes.. agreed. Just unbelievable. They just listen to Fox News, but if they even watched one of his speeches and if they have a gram of sense, they should be quaking in their boots.


  1. Christine Goodnough

    Thanks for taking part in the prompt today.
    If he’s bored with all his yesterdays and needing a new tomorrow, maybe he’ll go back into business again? I wasn’t quite sure who or what was overcome or overcoming in your poem, but it sounds like you’re overcome with disgust. 😉



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