Prompt words today are unperturbed, antipathy, quixotic and trophy.
(And, sadly, for the third day now, no prompt from The Daily Spur.)


Today I am anything but unperturbed,
for the prompt words, I find, seem to be under-verbed.
We’re over-adjectived and over-nouned,
but is there a single verb to be found?

It’s hard to accept this sudden antipathy
displayed by prompt-sites’ crass lack of empathy
in shunning action words. I find a line
that is lacking in verbs, overly supine—

just lying there motionless, lacking in verve—
a mere trophy sentence, no guts and no nerve!
Perhaps if the Daily Spur came out of hiding,
heeding this gentle but most sincere chiding,

together, the prompt sites could conspire to curb
their Quixotic attitude towards that lost verb.
But, in the meantime, can anyone curb
my agitation by suggesting a verb????

 Image by Matt Walsh on Unsplash. Used with permission.

24 thoughts on “Verbless

  1. judyreeveswriter

    ha! so this is what I posted last evening on Facebook:
    “You know it’s time to stop for the day when you can’t think of a verb to describe the way the light comes through the window and you’re starting to write italicized notes to yourself to MIB (make-it-better). ”
    Got lots of sympathy, which is what I (feel/experience/sense/observe/speculate/imagine) have for you.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      If I am in charge of the washing of windows, it would be dusted light, but then, again–that description is verbless. Does it intrude through the glass–if you’re trying to sleep in? To stream in is predictable, as is floods in. I guess it could flash in if it is reflected off something. Blast in on a cloudless day. At first light, it creeps in. As you can see, I’m trained to never overlook even the prospect of a prompt. If shining through a beaded curtain, perhaps it gallivants? It could perhaps seep in through a rough weave in the drapes, peek through lace curtains. STOP!!!! Okay, now you tell me yours….


      1. judyreeveswriter

        long time to get to this, or rather to send my appreciation for your verbing the light. I must say, “light gallivanting through the beaded curtains” is genius.

        Looking forward to the time we get to play with language together again. Meantime, I always anticipate your blog–never fails to light up my morning.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I enjoyed your blog, Keith, and I’m your newest follower. I was in Peru ten years ago or more. Did you see Candelabra Island or the Nazca Lines? My friends didn’t want to go to Machu Pichu, fearing altitude sickness, so I’m probably one of the few people to visit Peru and not see it. I loved Villa Salvador, though, and the Amazon river trip we took.

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