Trump’s Actual Accomplishments

Copied from a friend’s Facebook post:
Trump’s actual accomplishments: 1.      Taking a country with 4% of the world’s population and causing 20% of the world’s deaths. 2.      Starting an unwinnable trade war with China without our traditional allies that lost more than 36,000 manufacturing jobs and put a large part of the agricultural sector on welfare. 3.      Gave a large tax cut to the wealthy 4.      Temporarily eliminating the payroll tax, the sole funding support for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and unemployment insurance while saying he will make it permanent if reelected. 5.      Our allies no longer trust us and our enemies no longer fear us. 6.      Nominating a supreme court justice that complained about Chief Justice Roberts vote in favor of Obamacare to end coverage for pre-existing conditions for the insurance industry. 7.      Ignored the Pandemic early and then sold an artificial reality that has destroyed the economy and hundreds of thousands of businesses. 8.      Hurt the credibility of the media 9.      Hurt the credibility of voting and democracy 10.  Killed our allies the Kurds. 11.  Improve the profitability of his own businesses like Mar a logo.
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22 thoughts on “Trump’s Actual Accomplishments

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I found it on a friend’s Facebook site, tried to find the person/group credited as the author, and found a group by that name, but not this quote attributed to it. I copied and pasted because the list was just a statement of what he has actually done…

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  1. John Hric

    Another situation where the ‘like’ button does not fit. A good start to a long list of ‘accomplishments’. I will just add two more. He didn’t do anything about the bounties Russia is paying on our military forces. And all he could say was ‘a few headaches’ after killing Soleimani and the Iranians shelled our base. Okay make that three things. And he called our military suckers and loosers. No one will remember George Washington and the cherry tree after Trump.


      1. John Hric

        We have an evil Pied Piper who knows too much about media and distraction and nothing – NADA about governing. That and several layers of gerrymandering and voter suppression. The governor of Texas and the Secretary of State hear in Ohio should go on trial for voter suppression. One collection box for a county of 4 million voters in Texas is totally outrageous.

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