Sane Words

If you listen and/or watch one commentary on post-election election news, listen to this one. It covers a broad spectrum of upcoming prolems in a succint, listenable monologue.

9 thoughts on “Sane Words

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I’ve been watching CNN all day. Well not fully watching, but it has been on because I wanted to hear Biden speak, find out about the other vaccine, and find out what’s going on with our mentally defective temporary president. I don’t think I can HANDLE any more news.

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  2. isaiah46ministries

    Thank you, Judy. I am flabbergasted at the loss of decency and integrity of the Republican Party. It boggles my mind. Power is so ugly! For people to die needlessly surely isn’t America being great, by a long shot. I am ashamed and sickened. I live in Georgia, and if we don’t flip the Senate, Biden will not achieve anything, just as Obama couldn’t.



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