Cold as ice, brittle as bone. 
Lethal as a well-aimed stone.
Nonetheless, it’s you I crave— 
calculating, clever, brave. 
Though you fit me like a glove, 
you’re not predisposed to love. 
How long will your memory linger
as you’re peeled off, finger by finger?


For the dVerse Poets Quadrille prompt: Stone

24 thoughts on “Gauntlet

          1. SAM VOELKER

            I can’t say,,,, It is a surprise present to me from me, but you will see it later this month. 22 Oct. That got you questioning more than when I said that I had fallen flat on my face~! nobody worried about that.

            You are turning out some great enjoyable poetry and prose lately~! I think that sabbatical to Arizona renewed your energy, (or cleared your mind), now slow down and take your time… (that is what they tell me~!!)


            1. SAM VOELKER

              Me too,,,, That is what happened last week~! I went into my koi pond to get a close up of that blue lily and all was well, even got a nice photo of the yellow lily and a couple of BIG spiders, but then when I was getting out, my feet went out from under me.. and I landed with my feet in the water my belly on rocks and my face near the ground,, Holding my camera out in front… It has been worse, I am learning how to fall~!

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